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Thank you for your interest in our holidays. To help us provide the best service for you, please tell us a bit more about what you are looking for, including details of activities or particular holidays you are interested in. Our expert will then begin planning your perfect visit to Madagascar.

We really excel at tailor-making your trip to your needs. You may want to see certain species or visit particular parks, reserves or lodges. You may want a private plane or helicopter and high class car, or need to travel at a certain time of year. Tailor-making works whether you are an experienced traveler or trying out a wildlife holiday for the first time, wanting to enjoy a wildlife experiences as part of an occasion like a birthday, honeymoon or anniversary, or a busy executive in search of a short wildlife fix.

Have you always wanted to design your own tour but let someone else handle all the nitty gritty of organizing it? Do you run specialized tours where you'd like us to put them together for you? Keen birders, scuba divers, conservationists, volunteers, photographers, surfers, medical adventurers, hikers, bikers, historians and geologists – no matter what your specialty is, we can tailormake accordingly! We also offer unique tours which you're more than welcome to join us on!

Do you have a large family or group of friends that you would like to travel? Does your company want to run its own set of branded series tours? The NDAO-i-Travel tailormade services and charter team can do organize all of this for you, and more! Whether it be in an air-conditioned bus, a minivan or a 4 x 4 vehicle, we will tailor a tour for you to ensure that your dream holiday takes in everything you're expecting from it.

Our team of well-travelled and dedicated individuals will provide you with a detailed itinerary, suggested accommodation, professional, friendly service and all the support you need to make travelling in Madagascar an absolute pleasure.

Whether your party is made up of two or two hundred travelers, we'll pull something special out of the bag, just for you!

You can enjoy complete flexibility in planning and booking on all our tours for a truly customized Madagascar holiday that is in your budget and personal style. Traveling around a theme or exploring something in particular? Our tailor-made holiday experts are eager to assist in planning an experience that fits your requirements putting you in complete control of your next Madagascar holiday.

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NDAO-I-Travel Tour Company
of exceptional trips to Madagascar

A visit to Madagascar is always good idea. We are an incoming tour operator and DMC based in Antananarivo and a member of the Madagascar Association of professional tour operators "TOP Madagascar". We really excel at tailor-making your trip to your needs and budget. From fishing in a local village and surfing in the magical waters of the Indian Ocean, to adventure safari in the wildlife and staying in a luxury eco-hotel, we organize unique tours to the top destinations, which you're more than welcome to join us on!

Our team of well-travelled and dedicated individuals will provide you with a detailed itinerary, suggested accommodation, professional, friendly service and all the support you need to make travelling in Madagascar an absolute pleasure. Whether your party is made up of two or two hundred travelers, we'll pull something special out of the bag, just for you! Thanks to 15 years of experience and high professionalism of our managers and fluent English-speaking guides, mutual respect policy vis-a-vis customers and partners, the company has earned the trust and reputation among the travel agencies and private clients.

Little bit thereout what we create

Madagascar is more adventurous but no less luxurious, than Mauritius. Luxury does not require that talk about it. It is simply beyond all that you know. And all this just for you.

Discovering Madagascar is a good idea. Adventure tourism is an immersion in the heart of a unique and exceptional nature. Madagascar: A playground beyond compare!

Some of the World’s most fascinating and endangered birds are endemic to Madagascar. And our specially trained guides will discover for you amazing places to birdwatching.

Malagasy waters have a well-deserved reputation. With great diversity of species and numerous sports fishing sites, they attract professional and amateur anglers.

Explore a whole new universe off the Malagasy shores: set sails towards an untouched environment, the beauty of which has been preserved from excessive tourism. Enjoy the sandy beaches and turquoise water.

We very well organized fascinating trips for the whole family. We offer dedicated tours for families with children aged 6+


16 days On request View tour
On request

This is a very new tour to take you to the wild, where very few tourists could set foot to adventure! A great value family adventure to explore some of the more off the beaten track reserves and parks as well as visiting small towns and communities where you will get a chance to experience real Malagasy life before ending up at the pirate island of Sainte Marie.

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10 days On request View tour
On request

You will wander in each Park and Reserve, make discoveries every day. From funny wildlife species to endemic gorgeous rainforest’s formation.

Enjoying diving or kayaking on the lagoon after hiking in the forest of Masoala.

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18 days On request View tour
On request

Unearth Madagascar’s magnificently wild Northern region. As an inbound tour operator, we have three desires: – we want you to enjoy your trip, – we want you to be attracted by Madagascar before even coming and we want you to make the most of your time and your money. Go truly off the beaten track on this adventure; passing through the remotest national parks, seeing striking diverse scenery and spotting incredibly unique Madagascar wildlife before ending up in Diego.

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What we are proposing here is not a tour. We want you to feel Madagascar. In your own way, at your own pace and, above all, that you enjoy it in every sense.

The new trend in the travel industry - ecotourism in the wild. Discovering Madagascar is a good idea. Take your time to admire all the treasures Madagascar has to offer. Madagascar is a biodiversity hotspot unlike any other. Ecotourism is an immersion in the hear...

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Malagasy waters have a well-deserved reputation. With great diversity of species and numerous sports fishing sites, they attract many professional and amateur anglers.

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Discover Madagascar from its oceans, coasts, virgin islets, exceptional under water fauna, reserves of colorful birds, and others. Enjoy a total change of scenery on a cruise from 2 to 14 days, to discover the local customs and to admire the surrounding nature. E...

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Lemurs are the stars of attraction Red Island. Undoubtedly, the most famous inhabitants of Big island are the lemurs. They can be found in National Parks, natural reserves; or in their simplest habitat, the rainforest. Malagasy fauna will give a little magic to y...

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Looking for a truly new and unique surfing experience? Perfect uncrowded waves all year round in a tropical paradise setting, Madagascar remains one of the last fully unexplored surfing frontiers on the planet. Grab your boards!

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Some of the World's most fascinating and endangered birds are endemic to Madagascar.

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The NDAO-i-Travel offers journey with a bivouac for a few days in all regions. Many walking holidays in Madagascar focus on the south-central and eastern regions, which offer an immense variety of terrains, from the limestone massif of Andringitra and the moonsca...

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Madagascar has idyllic sites, which will please curl fans. Red island offers an exceptional playground for lovers of sliding and thrill. You can practice many water sports, including kitesurfing and windsurfing, thanks to a continuous wind blowing along the coast...

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General Lyautey, who ruled the South at the beginning of the colonial era, was describing the Southern Bush in these terms: if one is to get an idea of this, one should think of the most fanciful compositions by Gustave Doré illustrating witch stories, or Riou's ...

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Of course, the Big island, full of exceptional sites spelunking. Caves accessible "to the public".

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Every year between June and November more than 7000 humpback whales migrate from the Antarctic to the waters of Madagascar to breed and calve.

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A specialized magazine article reads: "Much more than just a raid under the tropics, a real initiation journey in one of the most extraordinary countries on the planet".

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Malagasy waters are among the finest snorkeling spots on the planet.

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6 rainforests of the East of Madagascar, namely, the Marojejy, Masoala, Zahamena, Ranomafana, Andringitra and Andohahela National Parks have unanimously earned their nomination during the 31st session of UNESCO's World Heritage Committee.

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Marine biodiversity of Madagascar is an exceptional abundance of fish species that inhabit its waters. Dive among the clown fish, the butterflies, the lions, the unicorns, the napoleons or the surgeonfish, but also manta rays and one of the biggest fish in the wo...

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Madagascar is increasingly becoming the Indian Ocean's answer to Kalymnos in the Aegean sea. Over the last decade the ex-French colony has consistently lured some of the best climbers in the world to its immense Tsaranoro walls, and names such as Michel Piola, Ly...

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Cuisine in Madagascar is influenced by Arabia, China, France and India. The peculiarity of this country dishes like "hot food" and usually the dishes are served with hot peppers.

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Mozambique Channel and its calm waters, is particularly well suited for sailing cruises aboard catamaran or the more modern, but also embarking on a punt or large canoes with traditional sails.

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The West of Madagascar is the motherland of Baobabs, which are falsely considered African trees (only one species the Adansonia digitata occurs on the continent). Two species are found in Australia, and seven in Madagascar! Among them are the Adansonia grandidier...

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Madagascar has got much to offer. The wildlife, the natural beauty and the rich culture of this place attract people. If you visit this island you can buy many beautiful items to gift your dear ones as Madagascar shopping includes various products ranging from cl...

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It was a fantastic experiences to travel to NDAO I-TRAVEL!!! Solofo is a very experiences eco-guide with passion to nature. He is able to recommend the best itinerary based on our interest, especially when we have a wide range of interest from birds to insects. We were able to make the best use of daytime and nightime to explore as many species as possible. The facilities and food are also of our expectation, we were able to have a taste of local food as well as the French cuisine experiences. Kathy, Regan, Priscilla, Windy, Winky KWOK Vice President, Global e-Commerce, Customer Onboarding | The Hongkong and Shanghai Banking Corporation Limited Global Payments and Cash Management 18/F, Tower 3, HSBC Centre, 1 Sham Mong Road, Kowloon, Hong Kong

My group and I loved Madagascar trip, we qualify it as good experiences and excellent, but travellers have to understand that Madagascar is third or fourth beautiful country in the world by its biodiversity and natures, it is worth to discover these beauty, its wildlife and people. This is a fascinating place, certain places are difficult to access because we need days long of drive on bad and dusty road, but it is part of this beauty. Solofo, our Tour Leader is unequivocally the best, he is patient with everyone, answer questions, he is a big smile, he loves and proud of his country, we cannot imagine having done trip with anyone else. NDAO I-TRAVEL MADAGASCAR, tour company, to which we booked photo-tour through in Madagascar is very efficient, and can answer at any questions from us. We love to work with this tour company who is owned and lead by Malagasy and Madagascan people, based in Madagascar, Solofo, used to be Madagascar Tour Leader and know very well his country.

A MEMORABLE trip with very WONDERFUL experience! NDAO-i-Travel is NOT ONLY a very experiences eco-guide that able to recommend the best itinerary based on our interest, he FULLY UNDERSTAND what we would like to explore and able to make the best use of EVERY MOMENT to explore as many species as possible. In addition, the accommodation and food are far beyond our expectations. I highly recommend to travel with NDAO I-TRAVEL !!! and hope that we can arrange another trip, in near future, to visit other areas that we have not yet visited, in Madagasca. End Cheers Kathy