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Thank you for your interest in our holidays. To help us provide the best service for you, please tell us a bit more about what you are looking for, including details of activities or particular holidays you are interested in. Our expert will then begin planning your perfect visit to Madagascar.

We really excel at tailor-making your trip to your needs. You may want to see certain species or visit particular parks, reserves or lodges. You may want a private plane or helicopter and high class car, or need to travel at a certain time of year. Tailor-making works whether you are an experienced traveler or trying out a wildlife holiday for the first time, wanting to enjoy a wildlife experiences as part of an occasion like a birthday, honeymoon or anniversary, or a busy executive in search of a short wildlife fix.

Have you always wanted to design your own tour but let someone else handle all the nitty gritty of organizing it? Do you run specialized tours where you'd like us to put them together for you? Keen birders, scuba divers, conservationists, volunteers, photographers, surfers, medical adventurers, hikers, bikers, historians and geologists – no matter what your specialty is, we can tailormake accordingly! We also offer unique tours which you're more than welcome to join us on!

Do you have a large family or group of friends that you would like to travel? Does your company want to run its own set of branded series tours? The NDAO-i-Travel tailormade services and charter team can do organize all of this for you, and more! Whether it be in an air-conditioned bus, a minivan or a 4 x 4 vehicle, we will tailor a tour for you to ensure that your dream holiday takes in everything you're expecting from it.

Our team of well-travelled and dedicated individuals will provide you with a detailed itinerary, suggested accommodation, professional, friendly service and all the support you need to make travelling in Madagascar an absolute pleasure.

Whether your party is made up of two or two hundred travelers, we'll pull something special out of the bag, just for you!

You can enjoy complete flexibility in planning and booking on all our tours for a truly customized Madagascar holiday that is in your budget and personal style. Traveling around a theme or exploring something in particular? Our tailor-made holiday experts are eager to assist in planning an experience that fits your requirements putting you in complete control of your next Madagascar holiday.

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Diving for everyone
in Ifaty and Salary Bay

NDAO-i-Travel together with our partner Atimoo plongée (diving school, teaching personalized courses from SCUBA DIVER to DIVE MASTER) offer guided scuba diving along different sites of the coral reef, you can rent all equipment right here. There are a lot of opportunities to discover the sea and its colorful inhabitants, for beginners as well as for experienced divers. In some spots, travelers even have the unique possibility to meet sharks within touching distance under water. You’re not that brave? Then you will find plenty of chances to dive or snorkel inside safe coves.

What you will see? Splendid specimens of common reef and pelagic fauna and flora of the Indian Ocean. Especially big groupers, humphead wrasses, sting or eagle rays, baracudas, trevallys, turtles, nudibranchs, scorpion leaf fish... On diving trips, we can meet marlin or sailfish... From july to september, you'll watch numerous humpback whales right off the lagoon. A young ecoguide trained by CetaMada will provide any information you may need before, during and after the big meeting. We can watch a lot of dolphins as well, pilot whales, southern right whales, false killer whales and even true ones...

ENJOY THESE... dives:

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Underwater fauna and flora: With its hundreds of colorful fishes and large pelagics, dotted with anemones and starfish, the lagoon and its drop-offs are easily accessible and offer dives for exploring the underwater fauna and flora of different profiles between 3 and 30 meters.

Rock and Coral Sculptures: Beginning divers will be able to practice underwater trekking on the magnificent coral "patates", offering varied and colorful reliefs, populated by dozens of species of fish, lobsters and shells shining with a thousand lights. The most experienced will be able to discover in the open sea spectacular arches or visit the caves and meet innocent but impressive reef sharks.

Also, we offer numerous guided dives, for any level-skilled diver, night and day, in the bay of Ranobe (Ifaty-Mangily), the lagoon and its 'passes', and off the Salary coast, where beautiful lagoons, never ending beaches and world class diving await you. We organize several days diving trips along this coast, fringed for over 400km with coral reefs. We dive then on rarely or never doven spots - for big fish, small fish, coral, old shipwrecks, caves -, and spend the night on shore, in hotels lost in tremendously beautiful landscapes. A few days hanging between sky, land and sea...

Whether you are a novice diver or a qualified diver, you will experience some of your finest dive experiences in Salary Bay thanks to the beauty, accessibility and diversity of explorable sites! Including the famous 3 wrecks of the Salary Bay reef. Three historic dives will take you back in time:

Winterton (1792): East India Company’s ship, left United Kingdom with 280 passengers, including ten ladies, and a valuable cargo, the ship failed on August 20, 1792 off Salary Bay... The wreck was discovered in 1985 by the archaeologist Robert Stenuit... About fifteen minutes from the village by boat, maximum depth 7 meters. You will discover the artillery of the time, anchors, and part of the cargo trapped in its coral gangue.

The Nossa Senhora do Carmo (1774): A ship of the Royal Portuguese Navy heading towards India, officially carrying artillery to Goa. In 1774, the ship reached the west coast of Madagascar. On August 8 at 5:30 am, the Nossa Senhora broke, fills and sank into the water. In 1986, Stenuit discovered and explored the wreckage. The first sight is a field of cannons (about sixty) carefully stowed on the reef as they were stowed in the holds of the boat. About 20 minutes from the village: depth 8 meters. You will also find pink coral beads that were used for bartering at the time.

The Surprise (1885): An American Three-masted ship bound for Bombay via Zanzibar was blocked on the reef about three miles off the coast of Salary ... At the end of 2007 Pierre Van Den Boogaerde, author of the book "The Great Book of Wrecks of Madagascar" (Edition Orphie) discovered in Salary a wreck that could be the Surprise... 15 minutes from the village, depth about 16 meters. The wreck is positioned between two barriers of coral. The anchor and part of its wooden structure emerging from the sand.

Diving package: All packages include the provision of your diving gear. You benefit from exceptional coaching conditions with your fully dedicated instructor.

Our idea - Diving the Vezo coast from Mangily to Morombe.

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