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Anjohibe caves. Inside you forget everything

Madagascar, it is not only the beauty of the beaches, nor just the freshness of the exotic climate. It is also a field of demonstration of galleries fairy like the cave of Anjohibe. A place that is probably not at all unknown to tourism enthusiasts. Located on the edge of the bay of Mahajamaba, this small wonder renowned, deserves the visit of all the adventurers in the soul. Only this incredible and curious place at the same time will allow you to admire the beautiful galleries of stalactites and the stalagmites.

This amazing cave is likely to delight all lovers of fairy frames without exception. Once there, prepare to experience the unheard-of experience of touring the underground world that will undoubtedly leave you speechless.

Apart from that, you could pack your swimwear anyway in your luggage because an underground river will await you there. Enjoy a nice bathing session in it natural swimming pool. Do not miss the famous encounters with the lemurs who stay there, the bats, the birds. This place is very popular especially for picnic trips. Stroll in front of its beautiful waterfall. A relaxing retreat in a tranquil setting, surrounded by nature, the Anjohibe Cave is the place for a well-deserved rest.

Undoubtedly, deserves two days stay there. A natural pool that is extended by the Mahafanina Falls (a 25 meter drop with a small pool of 7 meters deep), the superb natural swimming pools and especially the caves of Anjohibe.

Andranoboka Grotto called the Anjohibe Cave (the first largest cave in the Indian Ocean and the second largest in Africa, which is also on several levels, but also a small lake). The galleries already exploited are of the order of 27km. These caves are among the most impressive in Madagascar. A series of subterranean rooms and galleries, some of them the size of buildings, they are adorned with stalactites and stalagmites and stretch over 5km. Shafts of light penetrate every room from passageways and holes in the ceiling, giving the caves an eerie feel. The interior of the main cave of Anjohibe offers a very pleasant aspect of this mythical place, with its rocks that cover the walls of the cave: the famous stalactites and stalagmites.

What most people now come to Anjohibe for, however, are not the caves, but the stunning natural swimming pools. Of a deep emerald-green color and framed by luxuriant vegetation and ravinala trees fanning their leaves like parading ostriches, they are the most improbable find in an otherwise arid landscape. The first pool you come to is shallow, while the second pool, at the foot of a spectacular waterfall, is deep and wonderful for swimming.

But before you get there, you will have the chance to admire some natural wonders such as "lake cement". Contrary to what the name suggests, it is not the lake that is made of cement, the place rather derives its name from the shore that reminds one of "pavement" cement.

ONE HUNDRED GALLERIES. Once arrived in Anjohibe, the first question is: where are these famous caves? And as there is no indication, you will have little chance of finding an entry without the help of a guide. The Andranoboka caves occupy two hills, about two kilometers apart, where a multitude of entrances open. However, the most frequented entry is the northeast. On this side, the development of the cavity is approximately 5,330 m and a total vertical drop of 40 m.

Anyway, without a guide, it is strongly advised not to venture into these galleries which are real labyrinths... It is necessary to know that Anjohibe is a network of about ten kilometers, composed of more than a hundred galleries. You will never have the chance to see all of these galleries, many remain unexplored and many cavities still await their first visit.

To return to the entrance: first impression, a little apprehension seeing those first columns of limestone that are stalactites. On the big rock of the entrance, one can also read some scraps left by inspired tourists, in memory of their passage. Just on the low side, a small cup filled with small coins: any visitor is actually supposed to ask for a "tsodrano", a kind of blessing for the visit of the cave to take place without any pitfalls. In the darkness of the cave you will have the best of the flashlights, it will not be enough. Nothing beats a little improvised natural torch, made of burnt dry satrana.

GREAT. Once inside you forget everything. The calm that prevails there contributes largely. On the temperature side, the contrast is equally striking, the ambient humidity makes the air particularly pleasant compared to the stifling heat of the outside. The caves are quite airy, and lovers of calm and wild nature will be delighted, delighted by the appeasement that these caves provide.

In any case, once inside, the first word that will come to your mind is "grandiose". It is not surprising if the Anjohibe cavities are considered the most beautiful on the large island. Grandiose, in the true sense of the word, because of the succession of "rooms" of more than several hundred meters and a "ceiling" at about thirty meters from the ground. Between two galleries dipped in total darkness, one particularly appreciates the wells of day born from the collapses, letting the light pass and allowing to admire a luxuriant vegetation and which allows you to play "tarzan" with lianas. Other curiosities also: the electrical installations inherited from the colonial era. In other words, the caves of Anjohibe were already known. Another vestige of the past: iron staircases, more than rusty, whose state encourages you to make a little prayer before committing to it. Finally, the last curiosity but not least: a little glance at the "ceiling" sometimes reserves small surprises. Indeed, it is often the place of predilection of the bats to shelter. At first glance, it looks like little black spots on the limestone, but to be closer, in the light of the torch in satrana, we can clearly distinguish the "dormitory" of a few colonies of bats glued, completely insensitive To visitors.

There are still other wonders to explore in the area like snakes, birds, as well as freshwater turtles and small rodents. These caves remain one of the greatest tourist attractions of the region.

A sympathetic attraction to the almost tamed Sifaka lemurs that will come to greet you in their ways. The area is also famous for its game (wild ducks, guinea fowl and mostly wild boars).

Watch more photos about Anjohibe caves here.